• You mean you manage your funds with spreadsheets…?

    Spreadsheets in all their forms are great tools. They have revolutionised the data gathering and analysis processes especially when it comes to do with numbers. There are many professionals, not exclusive to the finance sector, to whom spreadsheets are an indispensable tool. If there’s any quick number crunching you need to do, a spreadsheet is your tool […]

  • Keeping your Infrastucture Secure

    Imagine your computing infrastructure being ‘kidnapped’ for ransom… That’s exactly what happened to several organisations worldwide recently.

    As a result of the “WannaCry” and the more recent “NotPetya” or “GoldenEye” ransomware attacks, it has become more important for every organisation to take a second look at network and infrastructure security. The computers and the internet have become basic infrastructure requirements for the modern organisation and the relevant effort needs to be made to ensure that this infrastructure is kept secure for the benefit of not just your organisation, but your clients as well. Here are six points to note…