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Show your back-office some love 

Yes, we get it… Really, we do. You need to provide the best possible user experience for your customers. You want portals and mobile apps that’ll enable you to provide the data your customers need to make informed decisions in real-time. We’re sure that you also want that data to be presented in a way that will significantly reduce the time your customers spend repeatedly calling your call centre for information, reports (e.g. Statements), and for issues in general.

Symplus does all this and more, but we don’t stop there. We also show lots of love for your back office, the hard-working accountants, fund managers, customer service officers and marketers working behind the scenes to ensure that your entire operation keeps on running smoothly and on schedule, so the people that need to, can focus on what’s important… Growing the business.

Today we’re going to tell you what we do for your hard-working accountants.

Financial Reporting

Do you know that the financial reporting engine of Symplus has been re-written from the ground up? Setup is significantly easier, management is a breeze. Generate your Statements of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), your Income Statement (Profit and Loss), Your Cash Flow Statements, and your Notes to the Accounts, across books of accounts, individually or consolidated, accurately, on time, every time. Why burn the midnight oil on Excel when Symplus can do it all for you at the touch of a button.

Bank Reconciliation

Whether you are managing one bank account, or you‘re a fund manager that has multiple bank accounts for each fund, you are going to have to reconcile these accounts with their respective bank statements, and that takes time. With Symplus’ bank reconciliation module, you can load your bank statements, reconcile automatically, generate reports and be done with it in a twinkle of an eye.


Budgeting is a crucial function of the back office that many organisations overlook. Still, with our Budgeting module, your accountants can easily set up the budgets across multiple books of accounts and Symplus automatically tracks these against actual figures posted in real-time. We even go a step further and feed these budget figures directly into our financial reporting engine for up to date and accurate management reports.

For the accountants, TGIF turns to TGIS (Thank God it’s Symplus). Your accountants have never had it better. Just ask the fellow celebrating up there.

For more information and for activation, please contact us or reach out to your business development/support representative.

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