Integrated Software Solutions

  • Asset Management

    Our asset management modules power the largest and most demanding investment banks and fund managers, from the back office all the way up to customer interactions. Come and see what we can do for you.

  • Brokerage & Securities Trading

    We have established industry beating solutions in this sector, from our core-back office modules to our FIX enabled portals and mobile applications. We’ve supported the market for over 15 years. Give us a try.

  • Accounting Solutions

    Our multi-company accounting solutions have proven themselves in the most demanding of environments. From subsidiary ledgers to IFRS reporting and more, we can make your operations easier.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    We can also build desktop and mobile business applications to your exact requirements. Come to us with your specifications, no matter how big and complex, we’ll make it look easy. Come over and let’s talk.

  • Who we are

    At Neulogic, we are specialists in designing, developing and deploying financial solutions. Our dedicated staff have over 25 years experience solving technology problems in banks, fund management firms, stockbrokers, accounting firms, discount houses and other financial institutions.

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  • Our solutions

    Our solutions are built with passion, to provide solutions to everyday problems. Every module has been developed along with people with the required domain expertise in the relevant fields, and have also been extensively tested in the most demanding of situations.

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  • Integrations

    All our solutions are built with open standards in mind, ensuring that we are easily able to integrate with legacy solutions when necessary. Our browser based solutions are HTML5 compliant and we deploy both on premise and on public/private clouds.

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  • Symplus is the most feature rich financial application suite available in the market today

    • Extensive security features. Approvals, audit and more.
    • A wide range of relevant modules. Pick exactly what you need.
    • User friendly and easy to learn interfaces.
    • A wide range of customisable reports and data views.
    • Extensively configurable. Fully parameter driven.
    • On-premise or cloud deployments

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