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SYMPLUS Derivative is a comprehensive solution that brings extensive analytics capabilities to help enterprise organizations manage their derivatives trading business and make informed risk assessments.
An application carefully modelled to manage the exchange-traded derivative trades (futures and options) and provides sophisticated markets desks and reports needed to run a high-risk opinionated trade to a profitable business by helping you optimize the speed of processing and transacting through the use of high-performance computing techniques.


For Derivatives Trading and Reporting

SYMPLUS Derivatives is particularly well suited to meet a range of futures and options trading needs and provide support across the trade life cycle:

  • Multi-Currency accounting system and full analytics for all securities.
  • Multi-Market functionalities.
  • Support for a wide range of underlying assets which include commodities, stocks, bonds, interest rates, currencies, etc.
  • It offers you the ability to trade a wide range of securities from simple structured derivatives to more complex ones.
  • It provides end-to-end management of exchange-traded financial contracts both local and foreign.
  • Straight-Through-Processing which enables real-time trade flow between the front and back office.
  •  Traders benefit from these automation tools that eliminate dual-keying and potential re-entry errors.
  • Robust rules-based compliance engine to achieve effective risk control.
  • Robust monitoring and notification system for the entire trade life-cycle in real-time.
  • Easily calculate termination values for your transactions.
  • Monitors counterparty exposure, calculates regulatory risk and generates reports.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all changes to the application.
  • Configurable if you have specific needs for your organization.