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  • The Nigerian Investor

    Nigerians know how to invest, just apparently in the wrong products. The rate at which individuals recently flocked (and some say are still flocking) to various ponzi schemes show that the average Nigerian wants a return on any idle cash they have, but it seems Nigerians are not properly educated on the available options and the risks attached to each. When does a return on investment become too good to be true. Do Nigerians know? Why does it appear that more Nigerians play the lotto machines, than invest in financial instruments.

  • FSDH and United Capital sign on with Symplus

    United Capital Asset Management and FSDH Asset Management, two of the most prestigious asset management companies in Nigeria, have both licensed Symplus. In both cases, it was determined that existing vendors were not meeting their requirements. The Symplus solution was signed up after an extensive review process which included international competition. The depth of our […]

  • Are you looking for a robust investment solution?

    Symplus, from Neulogic Solutions Limited, is currently the market leader in investment and asset management solutions. Built over a span of over 15 years with designers working directly with the relevant market operators, Symplus as developed over the years, into the robust, tested and fully functional solution it has become today. The solution has recently […]