Trade-X Order Management System

Trade-X is an Order Management and Trading System; it offers an avenue for real time electronic trading using the FIX protocol.

With Trade-X, brokers/dealers can send, manage and validate electronic trades from the comfort of their offices and set get immediate responses. Effective controls have been implemented to prevent overtrading.

The solution also interfaces with third party application with the ability to forward orders and execute trades.

Trade-X offers several functionalities including:

  • A real-time interface supporting trading in a single click.
  • An API based application allowing for integration with any stock broking application.
  • Speedy posting, amendments, cancellations and acknowledgements of quotes and orders.
  • Access to live market data and news.
  • Live quotes and position updates.
  • Book management and full activity logging.

Receive FIX messages from third party equity dealers/brokers