Our solutions are built with passion, to provide solutions to everyday problems. Every module has been developed along with people with the required domain expertise in the relevant fields, and have also been battle tested in the most demanding of situations

We have developed these solutions over time, using current technologies to ensure that our clients have solutions that can easily integrate with existing infrastructure. These products cut across the financial services sector, and will be useful in any organisation that wants to leverage technology to give themselves a competitive advantage in the current business environment.

Asset Management

  • Separately managed funds

    Manage individual portfolios for your clients with full fund management functionalities.

  • Treasury pool management

    Client deposits and other sources of funds are pooled into an investment portfolio. Allows you to match your investment portfolio with estimated future liabilities.

  • Unitised/Mutual funds

    Manage all forms of Money Market and Mutual funds with various interfaces to third parties.

  • Real estate

    Do you invest in real estate? This is the property management solution for you. Manage multiple properties and link to existing funds.

  • Investments

    Invest all your available funds in a wide range of asset classes with full monitoring capabilities.

  • Derivatives Management

    Manage your derivatives portfolio in multiple markets and multiple currencies


  • Stockbroking

    Brokerage back office solution for managing equity, bonds (fixed income)  and derivatives trading, with direct interfaces to our accounting and OMS modules among others.

  • Trade-X OMS

    Our FIX based order management system facilitates real-time trading in equities, bonds, derivatives and commodities, with interfaces to multiple trading venues worldwide.

Accounting Solutions

  • Customer accounting

    Our accounting module specifically for customer accounts, manage overdrafts, liens, flexible debit/credit interest calculation rules and more.

  • Cash Managament

    Our full cash management module for handling all forms of payments and receipts. Interfaces with our payment systems module for direct access to popular online payment options.

  • General ledger

    Our full multi-company, multi-currency general ledger with advanced account reconciliation and budgeting options.

  • Fixed assets

    Flexible fixed assets management with multiple asset categories with independent depreciation rules, directly interfaced to our general ledger.

Other Solutions

  • Payment systems

    Provides access to several popular online payment  venues. Provide options to your clients to deposit directly into their accounts… online.

  • Web portals/mobile apps

    Customised web portals and mobile applications to provide real-time data to clients and facilitate customer on-boarding and retention.

  • Loans management

    Create and manage credit facilities of various types and complexities to your clients. Single and multiple disbursement and repayment options.

  • Trustee management

    Our complete trustee management system.

  • Client information

    Track all KYC information about your clients with interfaces to all our modules to facilitate a global customer picture across the entire suite of applications.